African Drums, Percussion & Melody Instruments

African Village DrumsHighly regarded African musical instruments for accompanying Djembe players and other percussionists. All displayed instruments are available and can be shipped within 24 hrs. The following pages are multilingual. On the left hand side you find the main item photo. Above it the name of the item in German, English, French and African, the country of origin and the material. Underneath the photo is the Order No. (Art.Nr.) and the price. On the right hand side you see a German description, the size and an orange box with a short English description. If you need further information don't hesitate to send us an E-Mail to

Dununba, Sangban & Kenkeni Drums
Dununba, Sangban & Kenkeni Bass Drums
Powerful deep down to earth sounds
enchanting deep, dark and voluminous.
African Bell, Kessing, Smalpercussion
African Bells, Kessing & Small Percussion
Often it is the small instruments
that make the difference in music and let us smile.
Bougarabou Drum
Bougarabou Drums
Extra warm Drums with rich timbre
soft attack and a great carrying sound.
Sabar Drum
Sabar Drums
Stick drums of unique assertiveness.
energetic and loud.
Tama Dondo Talking Drum
Tama Talking Drums
Drums with a wide tonal range
and fine pitch tuning.
Krin Log Drum & Slit Drum
Log Drums, Slit Drums
Archaic drums from single logs
with assertive sounds.
Waterdrum, Calabash, Gita, Takamba, Bara
Water Drums, Calabashes, Gita, Takamba & Bara Drums
Delicate, subtle and dark sounds,
wonderful accompanying instruments for sensitive musicians.
Kalimba, Sansula, Mbira 
Kalimba, Sansula & Mbira Thumb Pianos
Enchanting melody instruments
with harmonious relaxing sounds.
Balafon, Marimba
Balafon & Marimba
Masterpieces of the Griot Music,
the anchiant xylophone with most beautiful wooden sounds.
Kora, N'Goni , N'Bolon
Kora, Ngoni, Bolon, String Instruments
African stringinstruments,
that invite you to dream.
Kpanlogo & Oprente Drum
Kpanlogo & Oprente Drums
Conga similar,
rustic, dark muffled sounds.
Framedrum, Shamandrum
Frame Drums, Shaman Drums
Archaic and carrying,
overtone ritch and floating.